Why Women over 55 are more Confident than those in their 20’s

Confident woman

Confident woman

There are lots of reasons why women over 55 feel more confident these days but fake tan was voted the number one style slip up, with 80 per cent of participants voting a streaky tan to be the biggest beauty blunder at summer parties.

Fear not the tan I say!  In the main, I find the majority of older women play it safer and tend to use a tanning product which suits their skin type and are less likely to opt for the darker than dark shades.  Help your clients make the right choices about which product to use with these 2 top tips:

1.  Advise your client to prepare in advance for that special night out or event and I’m not just talking about the outfit.  It’s important if they suffer from dry skin to make sure they start a really good moisturising routine weeks before they self tan or have a spray tan.  This will ensure that their eventual tan will be even in colour and fade gracefully.

2.  Advise on what tanning product to use on their skin type check out Unreal Sunless self tan products

They say life begins at forty but not if the latest survey is anything to go by.

New research reveals that 55 is the optimum age for a women to start dressing with confidence, with 85 per cent of British women over that age declaring that faith in their fashion choices is at an all-time high.

Perhaps surprisingly, women over 55 are twice as self-assured as women half their age.

Confident style: A new survey reveals that 55 – like Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer- is the optimum age for a woman to start dressing with confidence.  Not sure I totally agree with that statement but I do know that a woman certainly feels more confident in whatever she’s wearing when she has a bit of colour and doesn’t have totally white skin on show.

As the summer events season tentatively begins, older women say they feel more confident about dressing for weddings, garden parties and gatherings in the sun.

However, there are still things to worry about even if you have the outfit spot on.

As mentioned earlier, fake tan was voted the number one style slip up, with 80 per cent of participants voting a streaky tan to be the biggest beauty blunder at summer soirees.   As we age our skin is less supple and dryer.  We really do have to take the time out to look after our skin.  You can get away with a lot when you’re younger, forgetting to moisturise our body is one thing we should always take the time to do. Generally, most women always moisturise their face and neck but when in a hurry, the body can be left behind.  It really is important to stress to clients that whilst we don’t want them to moisturise just before their tan, we do want them to have moisturised skin in general, so emphasise to them that the week before they need to ensure a good moisturising regime prior to their tan.  If you have a client present themselves to you with really dry, flaky skin, then you can lightly moisturise before you spray tan.

Take the time to understand the event your client is attending, ask what they are wearing and advise them on their depth of colour.  I always like to ask if they are wearing a low neckline, if their outfit is strapless etc.  This way you can pick out areas and emphasise them using advanced techniques, or where they have strap marks you can attempt to disguise these areas.

A spokesperson for Jacques Vert Group, who commissioned the survey, said: ‘It takes time to find an outfit you’re happy with and that suits you, so presentation is key as is advice from friends and stylists – that way you can avoid fashion faux pas.

Some other interesting facts:

Serious preparations: Over a third of women (33 per cent) start preparing for a special occasion up to a week before the event itself.

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