Choosing the Best Spray Tanning Solution – Our Foolproof System

Best spray tanning solution

The spray tanning business is a tough one just like any other beauty business out there.  So it’s important you stand out from the crowd.  Don’t be tempted to use what every other salon/mobile therapist is using – differentiate yourself!  The object is to produce a better service by providing the best spray tan solution which gives the longest lasting results, as well as you being the best sprayer you can be.  Use our foolproof checklist to evaluate different tanning solutions so you make the right choice.

It’s important you should experiment, and try lots of different solutions.  However, be prepared to pay for samples.  Most tanning companies charge – quite rightly.  As a brand owner myself, I know how many requests we receive from therapists asking for a free sample and it’s a lot!  We often receive over 50 requests in any one week.  This becomes cost prohibitive for smaller tanning brands.  It’s important to cater for all skin types and not just have a one size fits all policy.  This wont deliver the right colour to a universal client base and you’ll end up using a DHA % which might be too dark or too light for your client and if they are dissatisfied wont become a repeat client.  Better still, look for a product where you can mix the tanning solutions together so you can cover as many options as possible without having to purchase the whole range.  When sampling solutions make sure you evaluate in a proper and consistent manner.  I would suggest you use the same people when testing so they can give you their opinion – preferably frequent tanners who know what to look for.

Evaluating the Best Spray Tan Solutions

Draw up a form and look for these key points which you should evaluate yourself:

  1. How easy was the solution to spray through the gun?
  2. How quickly did it dry before client could dress?
  3. How much solution did I use?
  4. Whilst spraying did it cause a “foggy” effect in the tent/cubicle/room?
  5. Did the smell linger in the room?
  6. Did the client or I notice any irritation in my throat?
  7. Did the client complain at anytime throughout the spray process?

The following pointers are for the client to complete as part of the evaluation process:

  1. Whilst wearing the colour guide did you feel sticky?
  2. Was there any irritation at any point?
  3. Did the solution smell bad? (there’s usually a slight smell with most solutions – some worse than others)
  4. Was there much rub off on clothes or bedding?
  5. After showering, was the end colour as you expected and were happy, leave specific comments as to colour depth?
  6. Was the tan even in colour?
  7. At which day did you notice the tan fading? Please be specific.
  8. At day 4 would you be looking for a top up to your tan or do you think it could go longer?
  9. When did the tan fade completely – Day number?
  10. Were you satisfied with the fade off? Did it fade evenly or was it patchy?

Now that you have feedback from your testers you can make a valued judgement on which solution to choose.  Don’t forget you want to offer some differentiation from your competitors – there’s no point in offering the same brand as everyone else.  Be different but always be using the best spray tan solution and not the cheapest.

  • Don’t be tempted to buy in bulk when first starting out, all tanning products have a shelf life and they will degenerate as they get older.
  • Don’t mix brands – this is very important to avoid any allergic reactions with your clients.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest, it’s cheap for a reason; poor quality ingredients and wont last long leading to client disappointment.
  • Fragranced solutions will leave a lingering smell in your beauty room and can cause irritations
  • Dark colour guides create more rub off on clothes and can cause disappointment when showered off – manage your clients’ expectations.

You can check out the Unreal range of Spray Tanning Solutions by clicking on the link.

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