8 Ways of Breaking Bad Habits in Your Spray Tanning Business

Breaking Bad Spray Tanning Habits

8 Ways of Breaking Bad Habits n Your Spray Tanning Business

It’s easy to get tied up in the everyday activity of your business without realising you’re doing the same old stuff and have picked up a few bad habits along the way.  How many of these are you guilty of ?

1.  Not marketing yourself consistently. When was the last time you did a leaflet drop or updated your Facebook page with relevant industry news for your clients? Be sure to regularly update your marketing efforts by ensuring you’re communicating with your clients, this may be new products you have introduced into your business or revised opening hours.

2.  Failing to “wear” your tan!  The best way of promoting your services is to be your own model and represent your brand.  Always make sure you are sprayed – even if it’s just your face and neck – especially during the winter months.

3.  Be creative with special offers, particularly throughout your quieter months and don’t forget to broadcast them to your client base.  If you provide other services link your offers.

4.  Make sure you follow up with your clients the next day following a spray tan. This tells your customers that you care about their colour and how their tan turned out. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd with great customer service.

5.  Don’t forget the client consultation. Just because your client is a regular don’t assume  you don’t have to ask those all important client consultation questions – especially about health issues.  You have all the knowledge on what can make a difference to their tanning outcome – they don’t.

6.  Are you up selling products to help your clients maintain their tan?  In my experience, every spray tan client wants to prolong their tan and the best way to do this is by recommending maintenance products that will do just that.  Be sure to explain the benefits.

7.  Not supplying after care advice in written form. We are all busy people and we don’t remember everything we are told, so make sure you have a handbag sized aftercare leaflet ready to give them as they leave.

8.  Are you offering your clients a “one size fits all” colour? These days you need to be offering a “bespoke” colour which exactly suits your clients skin type. This shows your professionalism and that no client of yours will ever look anything but perfect in their spray tan.

Are there any other tips you would add?  Please let us know by leaving a comment below, and let me know if you enjoyed this post by commenting and sharing.  For more info on the best spray tanning solutions for your business check out Unreal.

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