7 Steps to a Successful Spray Tanning Business


Spray Tanning Business

Choose the right spray tanning equipment

So you’ve been going to your local salon or mobile tanner for a while having a sunless tan done.  You can’t live without your tan all year long.  In fact, you’re pretty sure you can do it yourself, after all, you’ve had enough spray tans over the years – right?  Wrong! Just because your tanner makes it look easy doesn’t mean it is easy.  There are a lot of spray tanning salons/mobile therapists out there who thought the same but aren’t making any money out of it.  Why?  Because they thought it was an easy way to make a quick buck and everyone else was doing it.  The problem with this approach is:

  • They jumped on the band wagon and bought what every one else was buying – no differentiation
  • They thought the equipment they bought off Ebay would be ok – now they have a room which has green walls and they use a lot of solution
  • They didn’t take the time to get properly trained, the rep just popped in and did a quick spray tan for them – so when the client rings up dissatisfied because her tan is streaky/patchy/orange you can’t explain why
  • They went to the wholesalers and bought “off the shelf” and got no training – see point above
  • They didn’t think about how they were going to market this new service so their client base isn’t the perfect demographic for this kind of treatment
  • No repeat business – your product isn’t very good/lack of training/poor results

The importance of the seven steps will ensure you wont be making these rookie mistakes.  Take the time to research the industry properly and particularly in your local area.

  1. Research the industry in my area – check out the products already on your high street, if everyone else is using the same brand then choose another which has a good reputation and looks after their customers.
  2. Research the best spray tanning equipment for your set up before purchasing.  If  you are going to be mobile you’re going to need lightweight equipment that’s easy for you to carry and transport.  If you intend to do tanning parties then make sure the equipment is capable of doing back to back spray tans and not one which is for home use.
  3. Research tanning solutions which can cater for all skin tones suitable for pale skin to olive skin giving the best results before jumping in and purchasing.  There are some great tanning solutions and there are hundreds of awful tanning solutions.  Be prepared to purchase samples.  If you are serious about your business this shouldn’t be a problem.  Often companies will refund the cost when you go on to purchase a full size product from them.  Look for a brand which can supply you with a range of solutions to fit all skin tones.  Everyone’s skin is different and not every one wants to look too dark.  Look for a company which allows you to mix their solutions together to save buying everything in their range.  Make sure they also have after care products which you can upsell to your clients to help them maintain their tan for as long as possible.  This is the one BIG question all clients want to know “How long will my tan last”
  4. Train with your desired spray tan training company having done the above 3 steps. It’s better if you can train with your solution supplier as they can best inform you of how to use their products.
  5. Practice, practice, practice – to be the best at anything you need to practice and spray tanning is no different.  Offer to spray friends and family to get practice and make sure you get lots of detailed feedback from them.
  6. Market your Business – you need to have a marketing plan to get your new treatment out there.  In this digital age there are so many ways to do this – set up a Business Facebook page, Start a Twitter page and you must have a website. If you don’t have the skill base to do this then find someone to help you.  Ask your training provider for ideas as well.
  7. Get selling,  contact local slimming clubs, hairdressers, go to wedding fayres,.  If you already have an existing client base then up-sell your new treatment to them first.  It’s easier to get repeat business from existing clients than to go out and find new ones.

To find out more about the best sunless tanning solutions check out the Unreal range of spray tanning products for professionals at http://unrealfaketan.com/collections/professional-spray-tanning-products

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