6 Reasons You Never Thought of To Promote Winter Spray Tans

Winter Spray Tans

Most people I speak to in this business complain that their spray tan business drops off in the winter months.  This doesn’t make any sense if you are promoting your business in the right way.

Your clients often associate having a spray tan for a special event, before a holiday, for a wedding, when wearing outfits that are going to show off more skin and so the list goes on.  However, here are some key reasons you need to tell your clients why they should spray tan in the Winter months:

  • Makes you feel slimmer – ditch the sweatpants and hoodie
  • Makes you look younger – no need to plaster the foundation on
  • Evens out your skin tone – just add some mascara and lipgloss and your good to go
  • Makes you look healthier – can cover blemishes and frankly less “grey” skin tones
  • Lightens your moods from those grey winter days when we all long for summer again
  • Confidence inducing
Spray Tan Before and After

Looking Good with a spray tan in the Winter










Have before and after pictures of your spray tans on hand as proof to your clients that you are capable of producing these kind of results.  Always make sure you offer differing levels of tanning solution to be able to offer different colour depths.  The last thing some clients want is to look unnaturally dark for the time of year.

Christmas Promotions

Christmas is a great opportunity to promote your tans ready for parties. Here are some ideas for promotions:

  • Bring a friend and offer a discount
  • Buy 5 spray tans get one free (everyone loves a freebie)
  • Portrait tan – head and neck only sprayed

Don’t forget to do this throughout the month of December to cover New Years Eve events.  Valentines day is only round the corner after this and then it’s not long until we are back into full tanning season.

You can also entice your clients with special winter offers, rather than discounting try a bit of up-selling.  That’s a post in itself which I will share next time.

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