6 Easy Spring Cleaning Steps for Your Spray Tan Business


Spray Tan Spring Clean

Spring Clean Your Spray Tan Business

I’m almost convinced that the rain has gone (for a short while anyway) and I’m looking around the office thinking about having a clear out. We always do this at this time of year don’t we? The thing is we should be applying this to all aspects for our life including our businesses. De-clutter and overhaul the areas of your business that aren’t performing.

Step 1 Check out last years sales figures and look at what went right for your business and why? Ditch services which aren’t profitable.

Step 2 Identify those profitable areas and re-apply them for this year with some added additions. This might have been upsells or free bonus treatment that don’t cost you much in terms of time or product.

Step 3 Plan promotions in advance so that you’re not running “last minute” offers which don’t work because you didn’t plan them with care. Use a marketing calendar to keep you on track.

Step 4 Email campaign. If you don’t already capture your clients’ email addresses then you are seriously leaving money on the table. Start engaging with your customers on a regular basis. A short weekly email will keep them engaged with you and any new services you are introducing or new offers can be communicated direct to clients who already use your services making potentially easy sales.

Step 5 Housekeeping – take a good critical view of your salon or work area and see how you can spruce up this area without you having to do a major splurge. Update your posters, add some flowers, change furniture around, add some product displays.

Step 6 Introduce a “Loyalty Scheme” to keep existing customers coming back and perhaps a referral scheme to get them to recommend you to their friends and co-workers. ┬áReward them with free treatment.

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